The human growth hormone is a hormone that is produced in the pituitary gland. It spurs on the growth that children experience at a young age, up to and during puberty. Human growth hormones work by stimulating new bone to grow. HGH also regulates muscle growth, regulates body fluids and helps the body to metabolize fat and sugar.


The best time for human growth hormones to be beneficial for added height is during adolescence, before puberty has started or at least before it is complete. Especially with children, human growth hormones should be carefully administered under the guidance of an endocrinologist. After puberty, growth plates begin to fuse with the bones. New bone does not grow at this point because there is no place for it to be added. HGH (human growth hormone) will not be able to stimulate new bone growth once the growth plates are closed.

HGH drugs, whether purchased online or from a legitimate source are very expensive. Online medications may not contain the ingredients that they claim, therefore you may be ingesting harmful ingredients.


HGH was approved by the FDA in the mid to late 1980’s primarily for children who were short in stature due to medical conditions. HGH has since been used with claims to be an anti-aging compound; to restore hair growth and color; to improve one’s sex life, sleep and even restore vision. Human growth hormones have been abused and used along with anabolic steroids to build muscle mass and increase athletic performance, which have led to detrimental side effects.


Human growth hormone has been advertised as being a wonder potion that can fix many issues, however, it can cause side effects for otherwise healthy adults. Some of these side effects include carpal tunnel syndrome, edema (swelling) of the legs and arms, enlargement of breast tissue in men, pain in muscles and joints.

There is controversy about the efficacy of HGH in children and adults. Human growth hormones will NOT add to your height as an adult. Once puberty is complete, the growth plates are closed and growing stops  regardless of the type of drugs you put into your body.


Alternatives to the Height Lengthening procedure also include wearing heels or shoe lifts all your life. To make the problem of being short not so obvious, short individuals do what they can to make themselves appear taller. You can also try stretching exercises for the spine, however, the effects are usually temporary and you can only gain 1 to 2 cm at most.

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