It is important to be healthy prior to surgery. We will help prepare your body by prescribing exercises that will strengthen your lower and upper legs as well as your buttocks muscles. Core strengthening and upper body exercises are also highly recommended, as you will likely need to use these areas a little more during your recovery.

Eating well is also crucial to proper healing. Dr. Mahboubian may suggest taking a multivitamin and eating plenty of fruits, vegetables, whole grains, lean proteins, and calcium-rich foods. There may be additional supplements we recommend that will help meet your body’s needs after surgery (i.e., calcium, vitamin D). Avoiding sugar, fast food, and processed foods can also help your body heal faster.

Mental preparation is extremely important as well. Be prepared to experience significant pain immediately after surgery. Although the intensity will decrease as your body heals, there will still be some discomfort during the lengthening process. If you set your expectations properly, you will be better prepared.

Height Lengthening Surgery

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