Benefits & Risks


Improved self esteem and confidence 

Feelings of rejection, withdrawal, isolation, and poor self-perception are all common feelings associated with height dysphoria. Whether you want a competitive advantage in the workplace, your favorite sport, or even the dating world, being a few inches taller can help. Being short can leave you feeling overlooked and is physical manifestation of feeling “lower” than other people. If you’re constantly concerned about your height and tired of people making jokes about it, or if you’ve ever avoided (or were prohibited from) participating in an activity or social event because of your height, leg lengthening surgery is probably worth the cost for you because you’ll feel more confident in your day-to-day life. Being on the same level as your peers has a mental benefit that encourages confidence and pride. With that new confidence and without the mental block of feeling like you’re not as good as others, you’re able to conquer anything you put your mind to!

More success

Being taller could improve your professional life and lead to greater achievement and satisfaction. Not only do short men and women find difficulty in their professional life due to their height, but their height can also affect their well-being and self-confidence. Being self-conscious about their height sometimes keeps short women from seeking a promotion or accomplishing their goals, even though these goals may be within their reach.

This Business Insider article mentions a study that indicated taller people earn more money. The article also mentions that we’re predisposed to see tall people as leaders. In fact, the average CEO of a large company stands six feet tall—while the average man in the United States is about five feet, nine inches tall. Even in the Netherlands, the country with the tallest people in the world, the average height for men is just shy of six feet.

If you want to feel better about yourself, which can help you with more opportunities for success in life, leg lengthening surgery is worth it. Not having to worry about your height can be greatly beneficial, if that’s something you struggle with each day.

Peace of mind 

Once you’re not so worried about your height and the negative emotions that feeling may bring, you’ll have a much better outlook moving forward in life. When we fixate on something that generally brings us down, it can be difficult to feel hopeful about the future or excited for opportunities that may present themselves. Once you’ve fixed something you previously had an issue with, you have more space to explore new and upcoming possibilities, as well as a more positive view of the future!

If you feel like you consistently blame your height for day-to-day inconveniences, dating problems, professional struggles, and more, leg lengthening surgery may provide some peace of mind and contribute to your overall happiness and contentment. With height as a concern being out of the way, you’re able to focus on the next steps toward personal and professional development and improvement.


We have seen compartment syndrome occur in the lower legs, but this is taken care of right away without any long-term problems. The use of newer technology, along with proper control of blood pressure and special medications have significantly reduced this risk.  Some other risks include infection, blood clots, joint stiffness, hardware failure, poor bone development, and early consolidation. Most of these risks are less than 5% combined. Dr. Mahboubian and our team will make sure to be in constant contact with you to ensure that your risks are minimized throughout the procedure.

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