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Height Lengthening and has been providing cutting-edge solutions for those who feel hopeless, unhappy, and dissatisfied with their height. Dr. Shahab Mahboubian takes great pride in paying particular attention to details while providing the most comprehensive and meticulous care for his patients. He has been commended for his sincere mannerism and professional demeanor toward his patients by his colleagues and peers alike. With every one-on-one consultation, Dr. Mahboubian supplies his patients with a thorough understanding of their problem and a complete overview of their treatment options in order to allow his patients to make the most educated decisions about their care.


Height Lengthening Consultation

The consultation consists of discussing the details of the procedure, as well as seeing if the procedure is right for you. After we obtain a proper medical history, the rest of the consult involves a physical exam that Dr. Mahboubian performs, as well as taking X-rays of your legs to ensure the proper dimensions of the nail will fit properly inside your bones. Dr. Mahboubian will then discuss the best treatment plan for you and also answer all of your questions regarding the procedure.

If you absolutely cannot come into our office, we are able to offer an online consultation. This is not recommended, as we can get a better analysis of your situation in-person. If you must do an online consultation, we still need your x-rays so that we can measure and order the right size nails. The cost of the online consultation ($950) remains the same as the cost of an in-person consultation.

Height Lengthening Consultation   Height Lengthening Consultation   Height Lengthening Consultation

Height Lengthening Surgery

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