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Really great staff, and Dr. Mahboubian is very kind and professional! I had about 4 appointments with them, and the whole team was very informative and helpful in the process. Plenty of parking and handicapped parking in the lot behind the building. And they have good availability for scheduling! Thanks to the whole team!

Carrie D

Dr. Shahab and his team were great to work with and they made me feel comfortable and heard the entire time I was there. I felt they listened and didn’t make me feel awkward or stupid for my questions. I really enjoyed my experience.

Josh. B (YELP)

I was nervous about getting orthoscopy on my knee. I had never had surgery of any kind before and was skeptical about the outcome. Dr. Mahboubian expressed that this is what he does, and he loves what he does. He assured me he would do a excellent job and that I would be 100 % happy about the results. Well… he was right. I liked his confidence, and enthusiasm. He has a very nice manner about him and seems to genuinely care for his patients and you can tell he takes pride in the work that he does.

Chutney B. (YELP)

I went through a few doctors before I came across Dr. Mahboubian for a orthopedic surgeon. I can not be more satisfied with his overall, work, staff, and knowledge of medicine! Staff – 10/10 and knowledge 10/10 This guy is one in a million.. besides being an amazing orthopedic surgeon, he does specialty surgery’s like he can make you taller, and I’m not kidding. He is one of the only doctors in the world who can literally do a surgery to make you taller in height. That just shows his high level of knowable and capability in medicine. Dr Mahboubian is a overall dream come true as a doctor. After surgeory I now no longer have pain in my shoulder, I am fully recovered. His staff is so nice and always accommodating with anything I ask for! Follow ups are a breeze, Dr. Mahboubian is Amazing I can not stress it enough. I will highly recommend to all friends and family.

Avidan O

Dr. Mahboubian is a competent, honest, and experienced surgeon who has performed hundreds of these procedures. He has helped many change their lives whether it be for deformity or CLL purposes

Limb Lengthening Forum

Dr. Mahboubian has to be one of the most caring doctors I have come across in my life. He truly cares for his patients well being and does everything he can to help advise and guide them in the right direction. Even though he gets paid for surgeries, he does not push them on you. He always tries to find the least invasive way to help you get better first before recommending surgery… not many surgeons you can say that about. He is honest and has a great heart.. he is also a master at his craft. Not only is he my Ortho but I also sent my mother to him for surgery.

Michael M

I am very active so I occasionally get injuries that eventually require medical attention. I have seen Dr. Mahboubian twice, now, in 2 years and I never regret going to him. He and his staff are punctual, polite, knowledgeable, and kind. He always seems to prefer informing all the patients first before recommending any height lengthening surgery, which is refreshing, considering my interactions with other orthopedic surgeons. The first time I saw him (ankle) he made sure to call me on my cell phone with my test results even though it was later at night and I’m sure he had a long day. Today (shoulder and knee) he again made sure to explore the options and tailor initial treatment for my body’s needs. I would recommend his office to the casual athlete any day.

James M

One of the reasons I chose Dr. M, is because he offers IMO the best rate while leveraging the best USA medical tech has to offer. To put it frankly, he is not the most expensive, and he is not the “cheapest” either. Based on my experience watching other LLers, you definitely get what you pay for. Which is why I chose him, you pay for the best.


Dr. Mahboubian is a competent and knowledgeable surgeon . He performed shoulder rotator cuff repair surgery on me in August. He takes the time to listen to the patient’s questions and concerns. Dr. Mahboubian is model doctor. His thoroughness , professionalism , and skill set are some of his many qualities.

Jessica E. (YELP)

I can say to anyone who is considering using Dr. Mahboubian, that he is a standup surgeon. My surgery was smooth, and my experience with him very pleasant. He helped me fulfill my dream to become taller. Went from 5’6” to 5’9

LAgrowin (Limb Lengthening Forum)

This has been a positive life changing experience and I am very happy to have chosen Dr.Shahab Mahboubian as my surgeon. He is a really great surgeon. He is very compassionate and nice. I had bowlegs and he did an awesome job at straightening out my legs to prevent future issues. I am very happy with the outcome. I really recommend him to anyone who needs an orthopedic surgeon. He is very professional and good at what he does.


Dr. Mahboubian and his staff are amazing. If you’re looking for a knowledgeable Doctor then I would say that this is the place. Not only does this Doctor and his Staff provide great care, but they take the time to answer your questions. This is an office that understands what it means to help and I would recommend it to anyone in search.

Eric H. (YELP)

Dr. Mahboubian is the best orthopedic surgeon in CA hands down! His office is super clean and the staff is always extremely accommodating and friendly. But one of the best things is that Dr. Mahboubian is that he listened to each of my questions and answered them carefully. It’s not like a generic answer but he explained in detail about height increase surgery and its benefits and effects. Not only he listens to each of the new patients but also previous patients too. He is genuinely humble and very down to earth person. I am really happy to see the results that I have always wanted to achieve. I highly recommend going to see Dr. Mahboubian over anyone else in the city!

Var S

I have been a patient of Dr. Mahboubian’s for a little over 3 years now. In September of 2014, I was involved in an accident that dislocated and broke my right ankle in 3 places. Dr. Mahboubian made himself available in very short notice and had me in surgery to repair my ankle within a week. He did an amazing job. I now have some metal in my ankle, but I am still shocked at how small the scars are. Throughout the recovery process, Dr. Mahboubian was very patient with me and helped explain what was to be expected. I am still a patient of his because the injury was so severe I have since developed bone spurs and arthritis in the ankle… Rather than rushing for more surgery, he has worked with me on a recovery path that includes physical therapy and cortisone… I appreciate that he is always trying to find the least invasive way to improve the situation while handling expectations. I would definitely recommend him!!

Erin S

Dr. Mahboubian is amazing! I had a nasty fall in my home, shattering all of the bones in my right ankle. I’d been given the runaround by half a dozen other orthopedic surgeons, most of whom wouldn’t see me for three to four weeks! Dr. M took my case, scheduled my surgery within six days of the initial visit, and did an amazing job. His office is clean, his staff is amazingly friendly, and I’m so glad my medical group found him for me.

Beth F

I chose Mahboubian, because of his history (been in the LL game I think close to 15+ years), and his response time. He replies to my emails the same day (even on Sunday) and offers the brass tax, based on what you are experiencing, the risk factors, and recommendations. He will push you to your full potential. One last thing is that their surgery crew are perfectionists. Check mine and other x rays on this board and you will see his alignment of the rods are perfect.


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